Paid Internship Program – Anyone Can Code

Internship Title:  

Business Development


Place of  Internship: Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia.

Internship Position:                                

Business Development


  • Documentation and follow-up on planned activities
  • Provide additional content that will be benefiting for projects and operations
  • Assist in different tasks in their assigned department or project
  • Good attitude and gusto for learning new things
  • Working knowledge of Google tools
  • Enrolled in universities in any social science fields
  • Ability to research and provide input for the team on assignments
  • Working knowledge of business writing and content development

During this internship program interns will

  • Gain valuable work experience and build a strong resume
  • Exposure to people and activities in various departments of the company
  • Develop and improve team working skills
  • Learn important corporate skills such as communication, professional writing, leadership and other similar skills
  • Learn and develop…

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